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Jason Thomas Smith Death | Jason Thomas Smith Death Update

Jason Thomas Smith Death

The guy who passed away following a car and motorbike collision in Des Moines on Wednesday has been recognized by police. According to police, Jason Thomas Smith, 39, perished as a consequence of the collision, which happened at SE 14th and Watrous Avenue.

Around 7:34 p.m., the fire department and police both arrived at the scene of the collision. Smith, who was operating a motorcycle, was discovered by emergency personnel with serious wounds. Medical professionals started life-saving procedures and drove Smith to a nearby hospital. He later passed away from his wounds.

Jason Thomas Smith Update

According to the police, the biker seemed to be traveling south on SE 14th Street in the direction of Watrous Avenue. When the car and motorcycle collided, it was making a turn from northbound SE 14th Street to westbound Watrous Avenue.

There is still an investigation going on. The eleventh traffic-related fatality has occurred in 2022.