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Tayvon Tomlin Death | Tayvon Tomlin Death Update


Tayvon Tomlin Death

Little Tayvon Tomlin's parents have enlisted the help of a law firm to investigate how the toddler died after being dropped off at Lincoln Marti Child Care on Monday morning.

According to Miami-Dade Police, a complaint for an unconscious infant in a crib later came in. The infant was transported to a nearby hospital where he was subsequently confirmed dead.

The boy was unresponsive in his cot with his eyes open, one of the daycare staff members claimed, and they were preparing bottles to feed him, the family claimed.

Tayvon Tomlin Death Update

Tayvon was discovered during rounds, which is troublesome because Florida law mandates that infants under the age of one must be constantly watched over, whether or not they are asleep. This is according to attorney Michael Levine.

The parents expressed their devastation and desire to know what transpired on Thursday at a news conference alongside their attorneys.